Four dimensions to recover emotionally from the isolation

These are the last breaths of a difficult year for many people and traumatic for so many others. European study highlights the urgency of responding to a symptomatology that subtly immerses people in depression (Pietrabissa & Simpson, 2020). One of the emotional risk factors is that many people have lost interest in leaving their homes again. Even when there are no restrictions in their countries, their isolation has shifted to the emotional world. The restrictions have been transformed into emotional quarantines. Beyond cultural and geographic differences (Orgilés et al., 2020), various studies show the same dimensions of affectation in stress…

Cuatro dimensiones para ensayar la recuperación

El 2020 ha sido un año difícil para muchos, traumático para otros tantos. Si bien tratamos de encontrar responsables que puedan apaciguar la angustia o la ansiedad ante este paisaje desconcertante (existen en algunas escalas específicas), no hay muchas precisiones sobre cuando nos sacaremos estas máscaras y volveremos a recuperar el año que dejamos en el último brindis.

Este tiempo ha traído una especie de tsunami arrasador de gran intensidad que se llevó proyectos, afectos, vínculos, trabajos y perspectivas. Al asomarnos a lo que ha quedado luego del encierro, pretendemos que esa fuerza exterior nos devuelva nuestro mundo interior. …

How to deal with suspicion, uncertainty, and resignation

Months ago, we locked ourselves up in our homes, thinking that the time of the pandemic would be just a few weeks of home life. No one imagined that there would be no greater certainty about the days ahead at this time of year. Still, many people must return to their traditional workspaces.

For those who have the possibility of returning to work in their traditional spaces, looking at this new reality brings contradictory feelings. On the one hand, there is the enthusiasm of the reunion with colleagues and the possibility of sharing other horizons to abandon the “survival mode”…

A four-principle guide to designing virtual learning and training environments.

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The world has been virtualized by the pandemic. Much of our life is spent on a screen, shopping, birthdays, meeting friends, classes, intimate encounters, and so on. In this compulsive movement towards virtual spaces, classes at all educational levels are among the most affected environments because many educators had to move their content to an unfamiliar environment. The result has not been entirely encouraging. Christine Nishiyama shows interesting results in her essay on Medium. It is true that we are in a critical situation. But with the extension of a…

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We are living a moment of deep concern. Faced with daily events, we do not have answers. There are just some shallow transitional solutions for some cases. The rest is a silent emptiness. This could be the metaphor for this current uncertainty.

Dealing with this diffuse threat, we try to act; we attempt to do something to protect ourselves. It’s an evolutionary biological impulse of survival. But what can we do in quarantine conditions? We have probably already done everything, and we do not know how long we will be in this condition.

Do not Turn Quarantine into Oppression

Pier Marco Tacca/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Este es un momento histórico con profundas preocupaciones. No hay respuestas a corto plazo, solo hay algunas tenues soluciones transitorias para algunos casos. El resto es un vacío silencioso. Esa es la forma que toma la incertidumbre en estos días.

Ante la forma amenazante de lo cotidiano, lo primero que buscamos es actuar, “hacer algo” para protegernos. Es un mandado biológico evolutivo de supervivencia. ¿Pero qué podemos hacer en condiciones confinamiento? Probablemente, ya hemos de todo y, quizá, aún no sabemos hasta cuándo.

No transformes el confinamiento en encierro

We are scriptwriters of our own story. The reality is not a fiction; we are the creators of the fiction where we live.

We need to explain the world around us as to be able to withstand the emotional impact of our living conditions. Therefore, we live inside our explanation of reality and we decide based on this personal narrative of facts. Sometimes, our choices intend to force and sustain our own version of facts, instead of resolving them.

We create the circumstances we face from specific references that define what emotions, what perceptions, what interpretations and what decisions involve…

The future defines the inspiration that gives meaning to personal daily life. It is unlikely that something new can happen in the life of a person without an inspiration that holds it.

I work listening to the landscape that people describe (individually or collectively) to find transformation possibilities in their living conditions. Following the paths of these narratives, I understood that suffering related to the oppression or the burden of the present is due to the emotional weight of the words that define the space where we live. Words are tied to the body through emotions. The body holds the…

Nuestra mirada de la realidad crea las situaciones que enfrentamos y esa definición de los hechos está condicionada por una serie de referencias históricas. Liberar la mirada de las certezas implica adentrarse en las raíces condicionantes que definen a qué situaciones nos enfrentamos.

Hassan Ammar/AP Photo

Las personas somos creadores de significados, le otorgamos sentido a todas las cosas y los hechos. Definimos los límites de nuestro territorio con definiciones acerca de lo que sentimos y lo que vemos. Usualmente miramos la realidad desde una misma perspectiva, con una misma orientación, en base a las mismas referencias. …

Marcelo Manucci

Psychologist, Ph.D. in Communication and Master in Neuroscience. Author and postgraduate professor. Emotion researcher

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